Specialist to Air Traffic & Telecom Professions





Track Record - Our Track Record in the Air Traffic Management business sector demonstrates  that both ANSPs and companies have faith in our ability to deliver on their specific requirements, execute tasks with the determination and enthusiasm with which they merit and develop deliverables to a high quality which all of our customers now know comes naturally to us.


In fact many ANSPs value our unbiased opinion and support in this sector and appreciate the valid contribution that we can make to progressing their work programmes and achieving results.


We always do our best to satisfy our clients' requirements  and try to go that one step further to deliver more than a customer was originally expecting within the same time schedule.

We have an incredible track record in this field and we put this down to dedication and stimulation to get each job done to the high quality it deserves. Although we are those unseen soles in the back office providing support to our clients, recognition is not important to us as our stimulation comes from working and providing support in our specialized field and knowing that at the end of the day many projects are making real progress thanks to our contribution.


We are an honest company and maintain good relationships with all of our past and present client base. From the start of any business relationship we will define a "Statement of Work" showing all tasks to be completed, effort required, pre-defined deliverables to be consigned and their  delivery dates.  Periodic status reports keep the clients informed of progress. Once a contract has been signed or a Purchase order received we will maintain our commitment.


Please read our disclaimer.


We receive many email requests during the course of each year for assistance regarding the interpretation of paragraphs within standards, methods to perform certain test activities, recommendations for test equipment etc. Many of these requests come from 3rd parties without consultancy support contracts with us. We try our best to answer all these emails although sometimes due to time constraints it can prove difficult.


Often having direct contact with our clients operating in the field allows us to see at first hand  which vital documentation is missing that would benefit them in their everyday work. This has recently happened in the case of the "VoIP-in-ATM Network Implementation and Planning Guidelines" which had to be developed this year before the start of ANSP migration phase towards VoIP.  There was a huge demand for a document of this type at this moment in time in order to define many of the unclear issues that an ANSP comes up against.


Note: These documents are unofficial guideline documents published by us in order to assist our clients. They have not been defined by any recognised working group or committee or task force and as such can't be cited in the international arena.


Similarly presentations were prepared for FAA OVR call, RRCE and Recording in order to make it clear to 3rd parties about every operational aspect of these equipment types.


You are welcome to observe our project Air Traffic Management track record over the past few years