Specialist to Air Traffic & Telecom Professions



We offer the following services:


Air Traffic Management Consultancy

Technical requirement specifications

Technical Calls for Tender

Independent technical evaluation of Response to Tender documents

Definition of Equipment Interoperability/Performance Test specifications

Definition of conformance test case specifications

EUROCAE WG67 ED Document Technical query service

Independent studies and reports

Migration strategies towards VoIP technology.

Protocol Signalling Specifications

Test activities - including on-site interoperability testing etc

Factory and Site Acceptance Specifications

ATS-QSIG Conformance Test Service


Air Traffic Management Technical Courses

The company offers a series of on-site or residential technical courses in the ATC Voice Communication Systems field.

Public courses in "Next generation Voice over IP communication systems for Telephone, Radio, Gateways, Recorders and IP networks" are organised twice a year or on-demand.


FPGA design work

Working with Private industry JSP Teleconsultancy offers a reliable Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) design service using VHDL (Very high speed integrated circuit Hardware Description Language), enabling conversion of existing digital circuitry to a FPGA, saving PCB space and allowing future circuit modifications without board layout changes.

FPGA design service using VHDL

FPGA programming solutions and circuit integration

VHDL design simulation and verification and IP core design

VHDL post-design changes and functionality enhancements


Automation and System Testing

PC based studies, design, development and turnkey solutions for automated  testing of systems characterized by a low cost, optimum performance and great flexibility.


Documentation Services

Technical Manuals, User Manuals, Service Manuals, Product Data sheets and Publicity Flyers, Price Schedules using Adobe Framemaker, Database development service.


Our client base

Over the years our client base has continually increased.