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Automated System Testing:


The constant technological advancement of systems requires the development of test equipment that is becoming more and more complex, whether it is for large corporations or for small and medium sized companies, it is above all necessary “to be objective” regarding automation and test.


The company performs PC based studies, design, development and turnkey system installation, characterised by a low cost, optimum performance and great flexibility in the automated testing of instruments and systems.


The quality of the product supplied is guaranteed by the capacity to understand customer needs in terms of project requirements, technical specifications, designs, software functionality, etc, and to complete the work in the agreed timeframe, by developing all necessary hardware and software, complete with the appropriate documentation describing the product’s functionality, maintenance and replication.


 In particular we are able to supply:


•  Study and feasibility analysis activities and choice of the best suited architecture
    for the application

•   Design of processing, control, sampling, display and recording of analogue or
    digital signals from the I/O lines

•   Design of test bed for system/sub-system test

•   Creation and printing of specialist technical documentation according to customer


•   Software development for data processing, control functions and user interfaces

•   Firmware development for embedded systems



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