Specialist to Air Traffic & Telecom Professions



Recent Projects -


The principle tasks that we have been involved in the the past few years include the following Projects:


       Definition of EUROCAE WG67 VoIP-in-ATM documents;


       Definition of all related EUROCONTROL Conformance and Interoperability test

       specifications for the VoIP-in-ATM interfaces.


       Support to EUROCONTROL VOTE group for all VoIP-in-ATM matters.


       Definition of all ETSI VoIP-in-ATM Interoperability events


       Provision of Technical support for all ETSI VoIP-in-ATM events.


       Technical Manager to FAA Global VoIP-in-ATM Interoperability event


       Definition of all Specifications, schedules for FAA VoIP-in-ATM event


       Definition of FAA OVR call, RRCE Radio Gateway and FAA Recording and Event logging

       technical specification forming part of National Voice Switch (NVS) CfT set of documents.


       Definition of Conformance and Interoperability Test Specifications for the FAA OVR call,

       RRCE Radio Gateway and FAA Recording and Event Logging


       Support to DFS during the execution of SESAR 15.2.10 VoIP-in-ATM validation tests.


       Support to FABEC VCS Task force in definition of common requirement specifications for

       the Next generation VCS to be used in FABEC countries.


       Definition of technical specifications for a EUROCONTROL Conformance Test tool.


       Definition of the EUROCONTROL Test tool CfT documents


       Execution of FAT on EUROCONTROL Test tool.


       Assistance to many ANSPs in the requirements capture phase and support to define the

      CfT for the VCS.


       Assistance to Suppliers during VoIP-in-ATM interface development phase.


       Assistance to Global ANSPs in CfT evaluation resports.


       Private Technical Studies to many ANSPs leading to migration strategy documents


       Update of the Network Implementation and Planning document as guideline

       recommendations to ANSPs  during the network planning and migration phases.


       Offer a free service to ANSPs and Suppliers for explanation about any issue in any

       standard, (including EUROCAE WG67 documents) test specification, guideline

        documents etc


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